Are you seriously committed or needing to quickly selling your property? You can solve most of your real estate problems. Remove the unknowns and you will be successful. Take the opportunity and decide to stop your search. Work with a market leader.  The company have dedicated themselves to provide the clients with support to deliver quick, hassle free results. Customer service and delivery which is done with a professional first class treatment to all who consider the offered services. The exact way it was meant to with a clear list of frequently asked questions and answers.

It’s simple. You fill out the buy my property information form, which electronically submits your data to the company staff. Upon your convenience and stated  preference, you are contacted to discuss the property. With a potential win/win situation, your concerns and information will enable an appointment. This is the fast way to conduct business matters with today’s technology.

Determining fair market value and price offer depends on several major factors and current situations. Considerations include condition of the real estate property, amount of repairs the house needs and appearance, a desirable location, market and time requirements of the situation. The following scenario may help you understand the true costs involved in the standard process:

Typically, most sellers have the luxury of time to list their house with a real estate agent who is paid a commission upon the sale of the property. The realtor parades buyers through the property and the average commission paid by the seller is 6%. Factor in most sellers pay approximately 3% in closing costs and you may be fortunate to receive an offer to purchase within 1 to 2 months with a closing date 2 months later. You may pay 3 to 5 additional mortgage payments before closing as buyers offer lower asking price which is many times 3-10% below the market value.

Buyers usually go to the bank or financial institution looking for a loan and must be qualified for a mortgage. This in and of itself can be a huge time waste for the seller, especially if the buyer is declined on the loan. Then you have to start the process all over again. Banks usually require minor and some major repairs and if the property is being sold with an FHA or VA mortgage, there are more requirements and safeguards built in for the buyer. Repairs can range anywhere from 1-10% of the selling price. This can alone stop sellers cold from selling properties requiring a lot of repairs to buyers. You must factor in the appliance allowance, appraisal, budget at least insurance deductible, closing and holding costs, evaluation, filing, hauling debris away, inspection fees  landscaping, legal services, loan payments, local impact fees, maintenance/cleaning, marketing, permits, remodeling, repairs, survey, title work, termite treatments, and transfer taxes.

The emphasis on peace of mind remains very important to most sellers. Forget having to worry about all these issues. The restless nights staying awake to continue waiting for a qualified buyer and the possible vandalism claims if the insurance policy fails to cover the property because the policy conditions restricts coverage limits when the property has been vacant more than 30 days.

Wishing to get all cash or get the highest price? Getting the highest sale price or selling your property quickly? If debt relief is needed, the company can take over payments until cashing you out.

Numbers don’t work if a realtor commission is involved. Advice is fill out the contact information form and call realtor to ask what happens if you find your own buyer, will commission be waived?

We buy apartment buildings, condominiums, duplexes, triplexes, townhouses, and of course, single family houses. We buy commercial properties, office buildings and will look at empty lots.

There is no fee for this offered service. In fact, there are no commissions whatsoever paid by you, the seller. With a realtor you should be able to negotiate a significantly reduced fee. Typically all closing costs are paid by the company and you get a net amount at closing and after vacating the property. You will know your net amount at the time you sign the purchase and sales agreement.


There is concern regarding the tax lien. Anyone who has heard of tax sales on delinquent properties, must know these properties are sold at auction, as in a foreclosure. There is a certain time of redemption, etc. where the previous owner can pay up, to redeem his property. The interesting aspect about this tax sale is the “tax” debt takes precedence over all other liens on the property, even mortgages. The only way for a mortgage holder to protect his interests is to step forward and pay the taxes. The property will continue to be taxed. So when the tax because delinquent, the property will be sold at auction for the taxes; andif the owner doesn’t redeem the property in a set time period, the court will order full ownership to be passed to the party who paid the taxes and the present owner is evicted by order of the court. This issue cannot and will not be settled without diligent legal counsel, Not always an attorney either. Probably, you will have to sue the county to have the property removed from the roll. But, don’t stop paying your property tax until you have that court order. Place the regular tax payments in a savings account to accrue; because, one day someone just may come back and challenge your stand and you might be forced to pay the current and past taxes with late fines and penalties to keep possession of your property.

There is no obligation whatsoever. The only time you would be obligated to the transaction is when you enter into a written agreement with us, just as with any normal real estate transaction.

If you act FAST – the foreclosure has a chance to be stopped. The service offered may help delay or stop it to preserve your credit rating. A foreclosure will impair your ability to buy in the future. There are alternatives to selling your house when facing foreclosure. Your needs and circumstances surrounding your situation will help us determine together what the best solution is for you.

That’s OK. If is determined a profit can cover expenses, an offer to buy is made and the agreement will be specifically marked “AS IS” Eliminate those very expensive commissions. Stop expensive clean ups and repairs.  Behind on house payments? Losing on credit is emotionally and financially hard. Dealing with uncooperative lawyers and lenders can be painful. Rarely do problems like this go away. Put this behind and get on with your life. Flexible with price and terms? Want to close quickly? For convenience, submit your information online. There is no charge or obligation.


When planning to sell you will want to remember a few points: Buyers don’t know much about your house, so prepare some written material to give out and make sure you describe the city/Town and give information regarding the population size, the local neighborhood, schools, stores and colleges etc. Provide a detailed description of the property you are selling. Be sure to list the included appliances, bedrooms, baths, garage, size of the lot, rooms and yard, etc. If you have planned on an open house event it is suggested you clean up your house on both the inside and outside, removing all clutter, stored boxes and have ample open spaces. Keep all curtains open for brightness and to give a “warm and fuzzy” feeling.  How about baking bread or cinnamon cookies? The aroma will give it a fresh home touch. You may want to consider turning on all the lights in the house. Light will brighten up everything and gives a feeling of larger rooms to emphasis a clean environment. Tell neighbor(s) you are planning to sell and you never know, the neighbors may have someone interested who may consider moving to the same neighborhood.

When placing classified ads in the paper, make sure to put attractive words such as “must see,” “mint condition,” etc. Buyers can be drawn to your descriptive words. Selling a house is usually an expensive and complicated process. Which is why real estate agents make thousands or even tens of thousands on a sale.  When investors buy your property, there are no commissions to pay.

No longer tolerate dozens of total and sometimes frightening strangers tramping through your home and poking through your personal stuff. You can usually close the sale within 9 days or even less. So you can act fast!  That’s the biggest difference. An agent will list your house hoping it sells within 6 or 12 months. A listing agent or realtor lists five, ten, or even dozens of houses at a time, and it’s rare if an agent can give all the listed properties their close personal attention. A listed property dependent upon the busy agent to sell or show,  can sometimes take a long time to sell.

The owner continues maintaining the property and house payments. What’s your alternative? Of course you could just sell it yourself-without an agent. After all, who knows more about the house than you do? Consider this. How many houses have you bought and sold in our life? Two, maybe three? You haven’t had to solve even a fraction of the typical problems which can pop up right before closing the transaction. Remember, buying a house is a big decision for most people and it’s easy for potential buyers to get “spooked” at the first sign of a complication (like a lien, necessary repair, or other typical closing glitches), they can run away fast. And what if you need to move right away? You could dump the price and hope someone will come steal your house.

Can you afford this? Or, you could go ahead, move out, and leave it with the real estate agent. And every month, while making two huge mortgage payments (most people find this tough to swallow) you hope someone will buy your old house next month-and the next-and the next. Of course, this is assuming you can even qualify for a new mortgage with the old one still on your back. When it’s vacant, what’s going to stop someone from climbing through a window and tearing up your property? Frankly, this can be more worry and aggravation than most people need.

Pretty grim, huh? Which way do you turn? To an agent with dozens of other listings to handle? Selling yourself and sweating out financing details, lost deals, the last minute closing “surprises”? Moving out and hoping you don’t get some midnight call with “bad news” about your house? Here’s a better solution, a way out. If the house qualifies, you receive a firm written offer.In fact, you can usually “pre-qualify” your home right over the phone, in just a few minutes and save time. If you like the final agreement, you are paid with no contingencies (because, unlike most buyers, there is no having to sell another house first). And if you want, you can close in just a few days. Everyone has a particular reasons for selling, but don’t know how to get the deal closed as quickly, and professionally as possible. Imagine, by next week your house could be sold. Can it really be this quickly and easily? Maybe. Maybe not. If you are firm and want to sell your property above the current market price, the company real estate investors will not be able to assist in the purchase of your property as a fair profit is required to cover the acquisition and related business expenses.