Byron Fain      Executive  Director

Byron has a wide range of administrative, executive, and financial function duties. Being responsible for overseeing actions on major projects. Formulate policy making on financial resource control. The essential and vital role to provide leadership and planning projects. A graduate of many real estate investor training boot camps, conferences and seminars to gain the education possible to develop a background to assist in solving problems. He has gained several years of field experience in different positions. He attended Donald J. Trump School of Business Management, trained in asset protection, foreclosure, property management and trust courses. Founder of Caesars Properties LLC in Orlando, Florida since 2004 and leads the three company divisions.

     Director of Operations

Director controls and directs the acquisition and compensation of potential properties after processing market values. To close the analysis on identified foreclosure or wholesale properties for purchase. He has a background education in apartments, commercial, and residential properties with real estate investing. Ajay is licensed in Florida as a real estate broker and certified to train real estate agents. Owns two successful real estate businesses, Magical Academy LLC and continues to excel in working for you. Specializes in seminar mentoring and promotions.

Bennie Murphy     Program  Administrator 

Bennie provides continuing advancement of strategic operations and acquisition projections. Presides over the alliance partnership program. He also directs advertising, marketing, and public relations. Serves as senior property specialist and chief negotiator with financial institutions on capitalization transactions. Administrator for compensation plan to clerical, executive, research and sales staff. Responsibility to interface the company issues with government regulatory agencies, liaison with private organizations, and runs the assessment committee. Bennie is involved with local public service involvement as founder and chairman serving on the Board of Directors with the tax exempt 501 (c) 3 non profit organization Wealth.Education.Health.Edification Foundation Inc.

Joanne Pershing     Office  Manager

Joanne is committed to benefit you processing transaction paperwork on the programs available so you can enjoy the rewards. She is in charge of appointment schedules, directs and selects office staff and cultivates business activities. She evaluates and monitors client service performance and policies. Supervise business management and ethical rules. Joanne has authoritative charge of subordinate staff. Control the budget funds, purchase contract orders, receivables, records and reports. Background in real estate investing and is on the senior management team.

Sally Brown      Marketing  Director

Sally holds administrative and management duties to conduct and delegate innovative planning and promotion of services. Establish projects to reach exponential production goals and focus on expansion in prospective markets. Track productivity and proficiency and launch marketing presence with media advertising components.  Expand and grow market share with revenue targets.  Controls prominent media coverage. press release clippings for public relation agencies. Oversee staff conferences and coordinates client / marketing budget and vendor communications.

Robert Gilbert     Senior  Property  Specialist

Robert will ask for some information about your property and set up an appointment. He will evaluate and process market values of potential properties and recommend a price. He can close the transaction quickly on our lease option purchase campaigns.

Valerie Medan      Property  Specialist

Valerie is committed to performs an analysis of market findings and Internet research to identify and process potential leads and will explore the best solution to purchase your For Sale By Owner properties. She will generate free market research and can arrange a creative quick purchase offer to most sellers.

Laurie Brooks      Executive  Assistant

Coordinate work assignments and communication flow  while monitoring operating procedures. Maintain client and marketing statistics with emphasis on total reliability. Responsible for execution of timely correspondence and related documents as required. Process handling of financial agreements with recording duties. Serves on special work project assignments as needed.

Don Burns     Property  Management 

Don is responsible for market findings, processing property clients with requested presentations and collect assessment of income profits. To provide clients with highly personalized service on book keeping, day-to-day operations. Delegate processing reports, procurement needs, supply requisitions, and work relationships on supporting role to contractors and vendors for clients.

Miguel Cortes      Service  Agent

Miguel handles prospective client inquires to schedule appointments. Records inquiries and information on pertinent date and specific evaluation to process market values. Responsibilities include arranging integration of the program services. Collection of necessary documents and vital financial records for assisting client processing. Act quickly to your requests. Committed to exceed expectations by providing an unsurpassed level of service and attention to detail in necessary arrangements.

Carol Jackson      Secretary 

Carol  handles correspondence, documents and mail processing. Schedule requirements, internal office communications and in costumer service follow up. Maintain office, reception area and responsible for replenishing office inventory forms, report filing, supplies and related requisitions. Personal assistant to office manager and assists with other designated duties as required.

Charlie Foley      Chief Inspector

Charlie is charged with maintaining properties with building inspection code standards to current regulations. Conducts final inspection on work projects on all major refurbish, renovation and repairs with assisting general contractors. and controls job bid outsourcing for the property management company maintenance and repair issues.

The mission is to bring the latest real estate information to help build and protect your wealth.