The process starts when you can collect the financial information and other facts on the  property. With a discussion for a potential win-win situation, an appointment is made. This is a fast way to conduct business with today’s time demands. When asked do you pay fair market value and how do you determine the current value for reaching a price? It all depends. Considerations include the age of construction, location of the property, amount of needed repairs and desired time requirements of the situation in selling. Typically, most sellers with the luxury of time list the property with a real estate agent who is paid a commission after the sale. The Realtor attempts to expose, market and parade buyers through the property and seeks a commission paid by the seller of 6 to 7 %.

For the most part, most sellers pay approximately 3 % in closing costs and are fortunate to receive an offer to purchase within 1 to 2 months with a closing date set for 2-3 months in the future. You may have to pay 3 to 5 additional mortgage payments before closing a deal. Buyers offer less than asking price, 3-10 % below market value. Potential buyers usually go to the bank to be qualified for a mortgage. This in and of itself can be a huge time waste for the seller, especially if the buyer is declined on the loan, then you have to start the process to find a qualified buyer again.

Banks also can require repairs and if the property is being sold with an FHA or VA mortgage, there are more requirements and safeguards built in for the buyer. Repairs can range anywhere from 1-10% of the selling price. This alone stops sellers cold from selling properties requiring a lot of repairs to buyers. You may need to take your property off the market until the repairs are done.

The offer has to factor in appliance allowance, appraisal, budget at least the insurance deductible, closing and holding costs, evaluation,filing and inspection fees, landscaping, legal services, loan payments,  maintenance/cleaning, marketing, remodeling, repairs, title work, treatments, and transfer tax. An very important question for all buyers. What is more important, getting all cash or getting the highest price? Are you needing or just want to get the highest sale price or do you need to sell your property quickly? If you need debt relief, you allow the company investors to take over your payments. What if you  have a Realtor – is that a problem? Normally, the asking price will not work if a Realtor commission is involved. Our advice would be to complete and fill out the contact information form and perhaps call your real estate listing agent to ask what happens if you find your own buyer. You may be able to negotiate a significantly reduced fee with the agent.

Do you only buy single family residential houses? No. What about condos, townhouses? Yes, these properties are considered for purchase. Most apartment complexes, condominiums, duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, townhouses, and single family houses. Also in the market to purchase commercial properties and in the market to explore vacant land or empty lots based on the location.

How much do you charge? There is no fee for our service. In fact, there are no commissions whatsoever and typically all closing costs are paid by us. You will know your net amount at the time you sign the purchase and sales agreement form. If you fill out the form, are you obligated to anything? There is no obligation whatsoever. The only time you would be obligated to anything is if you enter into a written agreement, just as with any normal real estate transaction. In foreclosure? If you act FAST – you may stop it and preserve your credit rating. There are other alternatives to selling your house when facing foreclosure. Your needs and the circumstances surrounding your current situation will be a big help to determine what the best solution is for you.

What if the property is in really bad shape? Its determined up front on making cost effective repair evaluations, before an offer to purchase and the agreement will be specifically marked “AS IS”.  .